Starting to Share


My name is Sherrill Aston.

I’ve been married to Garry Aston for 45 years.  In 2007 Garry was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  We had never heard of Sherrill & GarryHuntington’s before.

2015 is nearly over and in the last eight years we’ve learned a lot about Huntington’s Disease.

I’ve cried about Huntington’s Disease.

Garry has certainly shown symptoms from this cruel disease.

But we’ve fought back.

We’ve learned some things that help us and specifically help Garry.

We haven’t won anything yet, just another day.

But just another day is all any of us ever really get.

We’re introducing this blog site to share what we learn, to share the things that we are finding with the help of medicine, food and other things that are making each day the blessing that God intends it to be.

Soon, there will be more information and a way for you to share things you’ve learned and your story, until then we are looking forward to tomorrow and enjoying today even while we Live with HD.